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I’m David Henry, and I help people create great lighting for their band’s, church’s and DJ setups – or whatever context you light in!

But don’t take my word for it: here’s what the members of Learn Stage Lighting Labs have to say:

Pete took his lighting from nothing to a really powerful show:

GW2 (76 of 308)6 weeks ago, I knew nothing at all about stage lighting but knew that somehow I wanted to create a decent ‘mini stadium’ light show for my band.

Fortunately I came across David and LSL online. He has a very practical, clear approach, explaining which systems and products to use, essential lighting techniques and how to create a convincing show when you’re starting out on a budget.

I’m now confidently programming and sequencing quite complex DMX lightshows for the band. Am I an expert at it? Far from it. Have I discovered a new lifelong passion? Absolutely!

I strongly recommend this site.

-Pete Greenfield

-Lead/Bass Player, Jimmy Ringus

We are all making the lighting of our dreams!

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