• When I set the master speed on the presets for each setting the system overwrites each setting with the new default identified in the next consecutive preset.

  • That’s my plan is to eventually get something more suited for the truss portion. Which brand and size of pars do you recommend?

  • I’m in a cover band that wants to control lighting from stage.  I have zero experience with lighting and dmx.  Usually we will hire lighting person or put 2 bars on sound active and i’m over that part of it.  I have watched several videos so far and am just beginning to start hooking everything up.   The only equipment I have access to is my lapt…[Read more]

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    Thank you so much for that info.   Clears that up for me.  Do you still recommend keeping the terminator at the end of the daisy chain then?  (even though the light bar at the end might not be the last one addressed?)

  • I’ve been going through the road map and watching dmxis videos. I’ve bought a dmxis unit and eventually have 4 chauvet light bars to use with it.

    I plan on having one 4bar on each side of stage and two gigbar irc’s along top of truss in back above drummer. That’s what I have at moment. Things might change though with those irc’s.

    One…[Read more]