What Do I get When I Subscribe to Learn Stage Lighting Labs?

You will have access to all of the recorded video lessons and tutorials available on Learn Stage Lighting Labs.  You’ll also have access to the community forums where we interact together to answer your questions as you apply the lessons to your lighting.

Can I work at my own pace?

Absolutely!  The training “action plans” inside of Learn Stage Lighting Labs are designed specifically to be done at your own pace!  And when you’re reading to move onto the next one, hit us up in the forums or start a plan that sounds intriguing!

Do I Get Advice that is Specifically for MY Lighting?

When you post in our forums, 2 great things happen.  The first is that other members share their experiences and give advice.  Then, we’ll point you to your next steps to make your lighting amazing!

But I Really Have ZERO Experience – Are You Sure This Won’t Be Over My Head?

The Action Plans inside of Learn Stage Lighting Labs begin at the ground level – and move up from there!  So, no matter where you are in your lighting, we’ve got training videos for you!

When Do I Receive Access to Learn Stage Lighting Labs?

Once you complete checkout, your account will be active instantly  – so you can get started transforming your lighting!

When I subscribe to Learn Stage Lighting Labs, do I have to log into my account to make payments, or is this automatic?

Our payments here at Learn Stage Lighting Labs are 100% automatic.  The payment will pull at the frequency you selected when you signed up or upgraded/downgraded, and it will pull from the payment method you signed up with.

Am I Locked Into a Term When I Subscribe?

You are never locked into any long-term contracts on Learn Stage Lighting Labs.  While we offer monthly, quarterly and yearly payment plans, all plans can cancel at any time via your member dashboard.  Your membership with us is just like a gym membership – if you do not cancel your subscription, you will be charged monthly, quarterly or yearly.

If I subscribe to Learn Stage Lighting Labs but decide it’s not for me, can I cancel the subscription or get a refund?

To cancel your subscription, simply log in to your account and cancel from the “My Account” page OR email questions@learnstagelighting.com from the email address which you subscribed with.  While we don’t offer pro-rated refunds, if you’re not satisfied in the first 30 days and cancel, we will refund all of your money.  Email questions@learnstagelighting.com if you need to request a refund.

Can I get a refund or pro-rated refund for an unused portion of my subscription that I paid for?

We apologize, but there are no refunds for unused subscription access after the first 30 days.  If you continue to pay for the subscription, then we assume you are using it.  Just like a gym membership, you will continue to be charged and renew your membership until you cancel.  If you desire to cancel, or do not use the Labs anymore, please cancel via your member dashboard OR email questions@learnstagelighting.com and we will get right to you!