Hi, David here!

There’s a few things I need to state involving LearnStageLighting.com and what we promise/advertise/opinionate.

Safety Disclaimer

My goal in launching and running LearnStageLighting.com is to be a teaching aid to churches and other people and organizations desiring to learn more about stage lighting.  I do not give out electrical knowledge or rigging knowledge and do not take any liability for anything unsafe that you do.  DO NOT EVER DO ANYTHING UNSAFE.  ELECTRICITY AND RIGGING ARE VERY DANGEROUS AND SHOULD ONLY BE DONE BY TRAINED PROFESSIONALS.

Opinions Disclaimer

The opinions stated on this website are mine and only mine.  They do not represent the opinions of my employers, clients, friends or contacts.

Advertising and Affiliate Disclaimer

As you may notice, LearnStageLighting.com uses advertisements and affiliate links to earn profit which keeps the site running and allows me the time to create new content.  I do not necessarily recommend the services of the advertisers or affiliates unless explicitly stated with the link.  Use your best judgement.

Any Questions?  Use the contact page to get in touch with me personally.