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Visualizers - How to Design and Run a Show in a 3d, Virtual World

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About this course

Here are guides to connect L8 with specific consoles.  I create these on request for folks having trouble via our forums.  So, if you're having trouble and you don't see your console or software, let us know in the forums!

Connecting DMXis to L8

Action Steps:

  • Setup Art-Net broadcast on DMXis - Subnet 0, Universe 0
  • Make sure your DMXis box is connected.
  • In L8 - Setup Art-Net by choosing a fixture in "DMX" mode, then go to "Universes".  Setup Art-Net and Universe 0.
  • Save and exit DMX mode, and you should be able to move faders and see the channels changing in L8.
  • This is for within 1 PC, but should work between 2 computers as well with the same settings.
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