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Creating a Touch Panel:

Action Steps:

Creating an Onyx Manager Touch Panel.

  • (00:40) - Open Onyx Manager within the Onyx Menu.
  • (00:54) - Click on New Manager Data
  • (01:03) – Mx Manager launches a web server for the Touch Panel,
    • If you don’t know what it is feel free to ask us on the forums or your I.T. guru’s.
  • (01:43) – Click on Touch Panel then create new touch panel
    • If a pop-up warning comes forward, click on yes, it’s only asking you to confirm if you want to create a new touch panel.
  • (01:53) – Select a button and click on edit button.
    • In this new screen we can do a few things but we’ll stick to actions for this video.
  • (02:14) – Within the actions tab we can assign the following actions to a button:
    • Cuelists
    • Schedules
    • Internal
    • Actions
    • Onyx
    • Touch Panel
    • Active QL
  • (02:28) – Within the cuelist tab, click and drag a cuelist to the on button press action,
    • Typically, we have two actions, the up and down action, however it’s just named slightly different in Onyx Manager.
  • (02:43) – After assigning your actions, you can click on close and click on yes to apply your changes to that button.
  • (02:47) By Right clicking on a button you can also click on edit button to open the button editor.
    • Click and drag your next cuelist to the button action.
    • Click on apply after assigning your action.
  • (02:54) – You can use the next and previous button to scroll through the buttons, this will make the process somewhat quicker.
  • (03:23) – When you have a button selected, you can rename your button in the white blocks to the left side of the button editor.
  • (03:52) – Within the button tab, we can the type of button and it can toggle groups.
  • (04:06) – Within the text up tab, we can change a few things. This is how your button will look without being pressed.
    • We can change the text size,
    • Text font,
    • Text angle,
    • Text position,
    • Text color.
  • (04:22) – Within the text down tab we can change the same settings as for text up, however this is how your button will look while being depressed.
  • (04:30) – Within the background tab we can insert images, colors and change a few settings regarding the images.
  • (04:42) – Within the action images tab we can insert images that will display while you press the button.
  • (05:20) – After editing your buttons and changing all your settings, you can click on your buttons and you will see your last sent command within the Manager.
  • (05:50) – Within the touchpanel if you click on file, you can export it as an html or just as an text file, this comes in handy for developers if you want to trigger the software from a tablet etc.
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Course Structure

Introduction 1 Lesson

Automation via Cue Macros 1 Lesson

Working with Timecode in Onyx 1 Lesson

Advanced Onyx (Lessons Done in M-PC, but still relevant) 1 Lesson