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Networking for the Lighting Person

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X-Net: How to hook up multiple consoles together for backup.

Action Steps:

  • (00:20) - Connect your console or computers with a cat 5 cable.
    • It is recommended to use a network switch in between the consoles or computers.
  • (01:15) – Click on the Onyx logo.
  • (01:21) – Click on the gear icon to open the menu.
  • (01:26) – Click on network settings 
    • Scroll over to interfaces
    • Select your ethernet port
  • (01:43) – Turn on X-Net by clicking on the toggle button.
  • (01:55) – Click on apply in the bottom right corner.
  • (02:45) – Open Onyx on your slave console and click on join show.
  • (03:06) – Scroll over to the shows tab and click on your show, you can also scroll over to interfaces to make sure X-Net is turned on.

Switching to a Backup Onyx Console or Computer:

Action Steps:

  • (00:25) – Creating toggle switches on your sidebar

    • Creating toggle switches for Artnet and sACN

  • (00:35) – Click on the Onyx logo.

  • (00:40) – Make sure your workspaces are unlocked

  • (00:50) – Click on your sidebar assignments 

    • Select desired sidebar button

  • (01:06) – Click on commands, click on General and select Artnet.

  • (01:25) –  Click on commands, click on General and select sACN

  • (02:27) –  Make sure Artnet and sACN is turned of on yoyr backup console, Make sure ONLY the current Master console’s “network dmx” is turned on.

  • (02:50) – If you need to switch to your backup console or computer you will need to turn of sACN or Artnet on your master console and turn sACN or Artnet on, on your backup console.

  • (03:10) – If you are using a usb dmx output device like the NX-Touch or NX-DMX it’s recommended to use a powered usb hub, plug all your devices into the hub and only manually change one usb cable to your backup device. 

Art-Net and sACN

Action Steps: Setting Up sACN

  1. Find your way to the main menu, ans the Network "Settings" page.
  2. Navigate to "Interfaces" on the bottom navigation.
  3. Select the network interface that you wish to send networked DMX on, and turn on sACN on the right sidebar.
  4. Setup the network adapter for "EtherDMX" at the top of the right column.
  5. On the left sidebar, head to the "EtherDMX" menu item under "Network".
  6. Navigate to sACN on the bottom navigation.
  7. Setup sACN to be "ON" and set the universes that you wish to send.
  8. Setup your sACN device to output the universes you desire.

Setting Up Art-Net:

  1. Head to the "EtherDMX" page on the left navigation, and then press "Art-Net" on the bottom navigation.
  2. Turn On Art-Net.
  3. Setup the "Discovery" settings in the middle of this page to work with detected devices (from the devices page), if possible.  If NOT, set this to "Full Broadcast".
  4. Note:  If you have multiple network adapters on your computer, you will need to set one of them to "EtherDMX" and press "Apply" on the "Settings" tab under "Network" (Left Sidebar).
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