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Custom LED Design

7 Lessons Intermediate

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Learn how to build and control custom light fixtures with LED's.  Inside you'll learn the steps you need to take to lay out your design, figure out your gear and make it all work together!

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Course Structure

Why Even Use Custom LED On Your Shows?

Begin with this lesson to learn some of the pros and cons of using custom LED products in your show:

"Dumb" RGB LED's or "Smart" pixel LED's?

Now that we've figured out that we do want to use custom LED's in our lighting, which type of LED should you choose?

Working with "Dumb" RGB LED Tape

Follow these videos to learn how to work with "Dumb" RGB or RGBW/A LED's.

Working with Pixel Tape

Here comes the fun part!  Working with pixels is now less expensive than it's ever been, and it's a whole lot of fun.  Here is the complete guide as to what you need, and how to make it all work together!

Configuring Pixel Products

Last, we've got an appendix of sorts, to show you how to configure some of the interfaces I've covered in this action plan.   Definitely worth checking out before you buy!